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Job Summary:

Responsible for all production schedules and manufacturing activities on the Fabricated Products production floor.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Plans, develops, and establishes schedules to meet the shipment objectives of the business organization in accordance with management
  • Reviews material travelers to insure that there are no material shortages to complete production runs.
  • Schedules, and directs the activities of the employees under supervision.
  • Tracks progress of all jobs on the production floor to insure timely completion of jobs, thus insuring customer and internal delivery
    requirements are met.
  • Insures employees under supervision are fully and properly trained in the performance of tasks to be assigned to them.
  • Keeps up to date with new production techniques and improvements, and advises management on needs of periodic updated training for
    employees under supervision.
  • Evaluates performance of employees under supervision. Sets goals and objectives for personnel under supervision so as to improve
    performance and capabilities.
  • Recommends the purchase and update of equipment to insure efficient production and to enhance capabilities of the organization.

Minimum Education/Work Experience:
This position requires a candidate that communicates well with managers and subordinates. The person holding this position must accept detailed direction freely. A high school diploma and a minimum fives (5) years experience in the area of specialty fabrication and machining and two (2) years of lead experience is required. The ability to read and interpret drawings and prints in a must.


  • Has authority to schedule production jobs.
  • Has authority to assign personnel to jobs.
  • Has authority to review and critique performance of personnel under supervision.
  • Has authority to set goals and objectives for personnel under supervision.

Job Description:

Read, and interpret mechanical prints, and product parts from the prints.  Operate manual lathes in the production of high precision parts.  Inspect first articles and production run samples to engineering and customer specification documents.


Must have a working knowledge and experience in the operation of vertical and horizontal milling centers, and lathes.

  • Knowledge of setup of Mill/Turn tooking & materials for productions, including installation & removal of tools, and setting machine parameters
  • Ability to inspect & verify quality of machined parts using mechanical prints, calipers, and micrometers
  • Must have High School Diploma or GED
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs
  • Must be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in English
  • Any ability to operate and/or program CNC machines will be considered advantageous

A minimum of 3 years experience is required.  Electro-Metrics will provide some training for a person with some machining skills, that is willing to expand knowledge in the machining trades.

Electro-Metrics is an equal opportunity employer.  We offer competitive benefits including health and dental insurance as well as a 401(k) plan.


Position Description:

Troubleshoot, Repair and Calibrate new production antennas, and electronic instruments as well as antennas and electronic instruments returned by customers for repair and re-calibration.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Test, calibrate and/or repair new production antennas and electronic instruments down to the component level.
  • Test, calibrate and/or repair customer’s antennas and electronic instruments equipment
  • Record specifications and make proper adjustments when necessary to required specifications
  • Work with Engineering, Production and Inventory Control to resolve manufacturing problems
  • Follow step by step alignment/calibration procedures
  • Proper handling of required documentation (work orders & data sheets)
  • Answer questions and/or train technicians on existing and new processes and calibration procedures

Main Requirements:

  • Two year technical school electronics training (AAS degree preferred)
  • 3+ years theory-based troubleshooting to component level preferred
  • Knowledge of RF and Microwave circuits

Technical Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of RF and Microwave circuits considered very valuable
  • Able to use and understand basic electronic test equipment
  • Able to study electronic schematics and understand principles of operation
  • Able to troubleshoot independently to the component level, locating manufacturing defects or defective components
  • Proficient in use of small hand tools (e.g., pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers)
  • Able to use approved solder and unsoldering technique

Listed skills are important, however we are looking for a person with a willingness to learn, and the ability to work with our employees. The individual in this position must provide an outstanding attendance record, and understand the pride and responsibilities that come with producing the very highest quality parts and products.


Job Summary:

Responsible for all shipping and receiving activities under the direction of the Shipping Clerk.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities:

  1. Receives and un-packages all procured goods, such as raw materials, parts, equipment, tools, and supplies, and prepares them for incoming inspection.
  2. Obtains quotes for shipping charges for products manufactured by the company.
  3. Packages products in such a manner as to insure the undamaged arrival of goods at the final destination.
  4. As directed by the Shipping Clerk schedules the pick-up of goods using a variety of standard and customer authorized carriers.
  5. Maintains records of all shipments, tracking records, costs, and delivery dates of products shipped by the company.
  6. Maintains records for unacceptable service or damaged arrival of product. Responsible for notification of quality control personnel to determine source of trouble and take corrective action.
  7. Responsible for ordering and storage of packaging materials.

Minimum Education/Work Experience:

Requires a High school education, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must be proficient in speaking, reading and writing in English.


  1. Has authority to evaluate shipping service suppliers.
  2. Has authority create purchase requisitions and submit them for management signature for shipping supplies and materials.
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